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  • High end exercise bands. Our heavy duty resistance loop bands are made of 100% natural latex-free of TPE – and come in 5 varying resistance levels. This makes them perfect whether you are just starting to workout or a seasoned workout warrior.

  • Great with any workout. This resistance band set can be integrated seamlessly with every popular workout program including Yoga, Pilates, and more. Or use them for general exercise, stretching, strength training, power weight programs.

  • Multiple uses. These resistance bands are often used for sports and fitness, physical therapists love these physical therapy bands to help them rehabilitate their patients. Our stretch bands work for people suffering from leg, knee and back injuries.

  • Superior quality. Our exercise resistance bands are easy on skin.

  • Lifetime guarantee. The 5 exercise loop bands with color-coded resistance levels comes with a manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty.
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Paula G.

I bought these resistance bands and I am extremely pleased with the results that I am seeing already. They are versatile, easy to store, durable, and comfortable to use. I prefer to do at home workouts over going to the gym, and these bands make that possible. I use these bands for my legs, glutes, and arms and they have really helped keep those areas toned. Using these bands, along with the weights I have at home, allow me to get a complete full-body workout without leaving my room. I bought the bands that range from extra light to extra heavy and I use all of them for different exercises. I also appreciate the manual that demonstrates different exercises. It's super helpful!

Maurice M.

I used my bands to rehabilitate my arm back to full strength after a pitching injury while playing baseball. I used my bands by attaching them to a doorknob and did stretching exercises daily, and my arm eventually got back to its normal strength again. What I think is a really good way to do the exercises is by starting off light, and working your way up to the heavy band. These bands really did a superb job of getting my arm back and healthy again. I am so grateful for buying them. Thanks Bodygy!

Wilma P.

These are great for the price! So many possibilities and fun to try out different exercises with. Effectively made my co-workers exercise with me. I put on the heaviest one and my legs felt like they were going to explode by the time an elderly co-worker figured out my camera phone. 10/10 would recommend.

Latasha B.

Me and my friend enjoyed using them at the gym. They are durable and easy to use. I really liked the fact that it came with a little booklet of contact information and a couple of exercises that you could try out. Overall, they worked well.

Daria D.

Absolutely love them so far. Super transportable, small bag, lightweight, and multi strengths. Use them at work or for quick lazy workouts before bed or in the morning. It comes with an easy to read pamphlet on exersises and useful tips. My only con is that the bands are latex and you definitely smell it and feel it. Wear protective clothing so it doesn't pull on hair or skin. It does mention in the pamphlet that the bands are latex so if you have an ALLERGY... BEWARE!!!