- Patrycja Styn

“For me it's just remarkable how much better, and how huge difference just one simple thing can do. I bought my waist trainer from Waist Train over a week ago and I'm wearing it every time I'm working.

I had a baby more than a year ago, I have gained few more kilos and got some hanging skin for free aswell... During this time I have already lost few cm just from wearing it.

I don't have huge results yet, but just because of that I got lots of my confidence back, I simply feel way better with myself.”

- Talia McQuade

Love this product. I was a bit skeptical, but I figured let me give it a try. I wore the heat-trapping sweat vest only once for a workout. My pictures are after 45 mins in the gym. I was so shock to see the amount of sweat dripping once I lifted the garment.

There is a nice cupping system for those of us with belly ( it helps to insulate and hold sweat in). I did not have an once of sweat dripping during from my abdomen during the workout.

- Riquelle Beattie

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"Love the latex waist trainer! Made it to the tightest hooks within a week & a half. I wear it at work everyday & recently attempted a jog wearing it. Keeps good form with a straight back!

I've lost a bit of size especially the old love handles that just were not shifting, but you seriously have to put the work in as well as the trainer but I definitely think it has pulled me in making it all feel flatter. Magic. 

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