Sauna Vests 101: Everything You Need To Know

Sauna Vests: What Are They And Why You Should Wear Them

You might have previously enjoyed the beneficial effects of saunas, which both raise your body’s temperature and the rate of your metabolism for overall improved health. As you keep sweating, your heart rate and blood flow increase, something that also helps with weight loss. So it’s no surprise that sauna suits can be another solution to help you achieve your body shape goals. Instead of spending thousands on going to the sauna regularly, these suits give you the chance of enjoying the benefits of saunas without leaving the house.

What’s A Sauna Vest?

A sauna vest is made of synthetic material, designed similarly to a waterproof tracksuit, allowing you to perspire while you work out wearing it. It fits perfectly like a glove and doesn’t restrict your body movements while you exercise. Like a sauna, they increase your body heat and also offer the same benefits you can get by going into one. Anyone can enjoy their powers, as these sauna vests are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be worn by both women and men.

What Are The Sauna Vest Benefits?

Increase The Benefits Of Exercise Faster
The increased intensity of working out while wearing a sauna vest means that you don’t need to spend as long as usual exercising, helping you reach your goals faster than when you’re not wearing one.

Improved Performance And Endurance
As your body gets used to that level of heat and intensity, you learn to perform better at every workout. Instead of ending your exercise by sweating, you do that from the start, helping you maintain thermoregulation more effectively. Especially since sauna vest help improve endurance to up to 32%.

Better Metabolism And Weight Loss
Similarly to the effects of an actual sauna, these suits help you increase both your metabolism and pulse rate. Important for weight loss and also your overall health.


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Are the benefits backed up by science?

According to research, the benefits gained from wearing sauna vests while training are many, including improved endurance performance and overall weight loss. In that one study, the group wearing sauna vests while exercising saw a 2.6% reduction in body weight compared to a 0.9% reduction in the group who was exercising without one.

How do Sauna Vests work?

It’s all in the body temperature that the sauna vests can help you achieve. As that safely rises, so do the benefits that wearing one can bring. While their effects are especially good for athletes who want to bring their fitness to the next level, anyone can benefit from wearing one. Whether it’s to lose weight, improve your health, or to learn to endure longer and more intense workouts. Plus, exercising in a sauna vest helps you produce more serotonin which puts you in a great mood for the length of the workout and beyond.

FAQ - About Sauna Vests

What materials are used for a sauna Vest?

Sauna vests have seen an incredible improvement in material quality since the early days when they were made out of rubber. Nowadays, you can expect to choose from sauna vests made of Nylon, PVC, or Neoprene. Each one of them offers different experiences and there is one material that seems to stand out the most out of the three. Check out what are the positives and downsides of all of them.

Nylon Sauna Vests
Nylon is often used for durability, something that this type of suits can offer more than PVC ones. Besides that, it sadly is prone to bacterial infestation as most things made out of nylon. As you sweat in your sauna suit, it gets increasingly dirty and becomes a cause for illnesses.

PVC Sauna Vests
This synthetic plastic material is prone to breaking, it’s cheaper than other alternatives but bound to not last long. While they could be a good way to start out without making a big investment, you’d need to replace it after a few uses and risk to see it break while working out.

Neoprene Sauna Vests
Neoprene offers the best of both materials, being durable and lightweight, with the addition of being tight enough to support you while you exercise. Being so thin and snug, you can also wear it under your clothes. One downside might be the rubbery smell of this fabric that some find particularly unpleasant.

Sauna Suits Or Sauna Vests?

You can choose between wearing a sauna suit that covers all of your body or just your upper body. The sauna vest is specifically used to focus on losing weight around your waist, while the sauna suit works on all of your body.

What’s the best type of sauna vest?

This depends on what you need and prefer. Overall, we would recommend against choosing cheap PVC suits that are made to break sooner than later or Nylon ones that are unhygienic. Neoprene or Polymer is often the best choice to avoid overheating and get something made to survive hundreds of your workouts.

How does it help weight loss?

Sauna vests are great for detoxification, and as they raise your body temperature and encourage sweating, you get rid of all of the waste in your body. This type of waste, known as toxins, is what contributes to weight gain. Therefore, to lose weight you need to get rid of those toxins. You can do that with a combination of a healthy diet, exercise, and sweating.

How To Take Care of Your Sauna Vest

Even the most expensive and high quality of sauna vests can be damaged if not cleaned properly. As you profusely sweat on it, washing it carefully is essential to keep it in excellent condition.

  • After every use, spray the suit with water. No scrubbing, just spray.
  • Wash it by hand at least once a week. Always follow the instructions on your care label, but overall you can usually be safe with washing it by hand with a mild detergent.
  • If you prefer to wash it with a washing machine, always select only the delicate cycle and avoid the spin cycle as it could damage the fabric.
  • Also avoid tumble drying the suit. For it to dry, simply hang it outside and wait.

    Even the most expensive and high quality of sauna suits can be damaged if not cleaned properly. As you profusely sweat on it, washing it carefully is essential to keep it in excellent condition.

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